Our Services

We are a full-service natural gas and retail electricity consultancy and broker. We offer price comparison, risk management, and energy contracting specialist that work on behalf of businesses to analyze energy requirements, develop and review pricing proposals, vendor selection, and ongoing account management. We represent a broad diversity of commercial and industrial consumers across multiple markets and with varied usage patterns and risk objectives.

Why engage Prism Energy Solutions?

  • Effective utilization of our relevant retail and wholesale market experience to increase your purchasing leverage and cost transparency.
  • Draw upon our knowledge to shape your specific procurement strategies that incorporate your requirements to locate an optimal intersection of risk and price/product from high quality Suppliers.
  • Transparency from our Real-time monitoring of wholesale markets and ISO protocols to ensure optimal access to pricing opportunities
  • We provide concise convenient pricing options from qualified providers – we distill the noise and make it simple.
  • We are your advocate for product, pricing, and renewals.

Our energy specialists employ a proven project and organizational outline that incorporates your procurement objectives and available market products into a transparent, actionable purchasing plan.  We approach each project using an “energy supply risk triangle” perspective of your business. We perform an initial and comprehensive risk assessment and review of your current procurement strategy. The assessment is followed by a review of budgetary objectives, and to complete the triangle, we assess the wholesale and retail price components including an assessment of our ability to influence the range of outcomes for each component.  Our actionable plans include:

  • Clear identification of Energy Procurement Objectives
  • Transparency of Cost Components and alternatives
  • Identification of Price Insurance and Risk Reward Trade-offs
  • Incorporation of Green Energy Alternatives
  • Demand Response & Demand-side Management Programs
  • Aggregation & Energy Bill Auditing, Utility Tax Consulting, Utility Data Management
  • Real Time Market Monitoring
  • Availability of rebates, co-marketing or specialty programs to offset energy costs

We offer flexible fee structures for our services that are tailored to our clients.

Our advisors provide the most relevant and current knowledge of the retail market from both the retailer and consumers point of view. We focus on finding the optimal intersection between your objectives and the risk appetite of the various retailers. Our knowledge and experience increases your probability of attaining your budgetary and risk management needs without potential over-insurance or risk of extreme price volatility.

Energy Procurement – We will work with you to find a Retail Electric Provider and a product that suits your financial needs and business type.

Green Energy – We will help you get LEED certified, maintain your program, Renewable Energy Credits, other Green Power & Emission Allowances and Credits.

Demand Response Program – Independent System Operator (ISO) or local utility load shed programs, efficiency rebate or other Demand response programs

Aggregation – advise on combining locations for better price points

Energy Bill Auditing – clarify invoices, identify errors, refund opportunities

Utility Tax Consulting – help with Predominant Use Study

Utility Data Management – real-time analysis of usage and invoice verification

Market Monitoring – routine market insights, opinions and on-line access to market updates

Energy Procurement Strategies

  • Request for Proposal Development
  • Product Evaluation/Recommendations
  • Vendor Analysis, Contract Review
  • Ongoing Product Management
  • Market Analysis and Monitoring
    • Natural Gas Monitoring Services
    • Energy and Heat Rate Analysis
    • LNP/Balancing Market Monitoring
    • ISO Rules/Protocol Review

Energy Management

  • Demand Response Programs
  • Invoice Review
  • Usage Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Energy Risk Assessments