Our Team

We are a privately held firm whose Principals and Energy Consultants came together to share their combined 70 plus years experience to create innovative supply solutions and purchasing leverage for business consumers.   We have relevant market experience across the United States and Europe.   Our intimate knowledge of the wholesale and retail electricity and natural gas markets uniquely positions us to help businesses create efficient, goal-focused procurement and risk management strategies that optimize a business’s purchasing leverage to better access competitive markets and efficiently engage high quality suppliers.  We work for you to find the optimal intersection of consumer needs and supplier capabilities.

Engaging Prism provides direct access to a knowledgeable team whose experience quickly distills your unique energy procurement objectives and complex retail energy pricing equations into discernable manageable parts – and with that focus, you have increased leverage to locate the best value and supplier.

Prism Energy Solutions is a full service procurement strategy and energy consultancy firm. The company was formed with an acute focus on providing energy procurement services for commercial, institutional and industrial consumers whose facilities are in liberalized competitive energy markets.

  • We are solely focused on Commercial and Industrial Consumers.
  • Advisors with the most relevant and current knowledge of the retail market from both the retailer/supplier and consumer point of view.
  • We are a knowledge based business, each of our Energy Specialists have more than 10 years energy procurement or energy retail experience.
  • Prism is an employee-owned firm whose members came together to provide consumers better leverage to create a Buyer’s advantage in an otherwise Seller’s market.
  • We maintain a working knowledge of the retail products, wholesale market and specialty programs available to consumers, including ISO demand response programs, local utility programs and incentives, and federal/state rebates for energy efficiency.
  • Our focus is the consumer – We strive to create procurement leverage by
    • Increasing price component transparency for our clients
    • Identifying optimal intersection points of consumer needs and retailer preferences